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Comment: Information about how to access the developer environment


For testing purposes a sandbox API is available at All data used in the sandbox can be viewed on the WDSF staging website. The staging website is being reset to the state of the live website every day at 00:00 CET. During this time it is expected that the website and sandbox are not reachableA copy of the live WDSF website with the data from the sandbox API is available at

The sandbox and staging environment can be activated for a 4 hour period by going to the developer console. If you would like to use this feature please contact


Each of the above entry point produce a list of entities.


If a service request was successful the service will respond with:

Status code


Response content

200 OK

The request was successful

The requested resource or a confirmation message

201 Created

The resource was stored successfully

Information about the added resource

202 Accepted

The resource was updated successfully

Information about the updated resource

Should a request have failed one of the following HTTP status codes will be returned.

Status code


Response content

401 Unauthorized

The authorization failed or is missing


403 Forbidden

Access to this resource is forbidden.

Error message

404 Not Found

The requested resource does not exist.

Error message

409 Conflict

The resource could not be added/updated because of a conflict.

Error message

415 Unsupported Media Type

The 'Content-Type' or 'Accept' header is missing or not supported.

Error message