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This document describes the function of the WDSF service that was created to standardise and automatise the exchange of WDSF competition information. It is hereafter referred to as "the service".

Emphasis was put in using standard methods of data exchange to reduce the amount of work needed to implement these in a scrutineers applications.

This document was inspired by the IDSF RLS which was designed by Richard Botik.

Where to find what

This documentation is divided in to 6 sections:

  • "Accessing the service" describes where to access the API and what HTTP headers are to be set or expected from the API.
  • "Authentication" explains how to get permission to access the API
  • "Media types" describes the data being sent to and receive from the API
  • "Link relations" explains how most resources in the API are linked together.
  • "Resource hierarchy" provides a general overview of all resources and their relations
  • "Competition lifetime" explains the different stati of a competition.
  • "Examples" shows exactly what it says.
  • "API Client" is a library you can use to access the WDS API in your own software.
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