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  • Mark couples to be missing or excused (5.11)
  • Missing couples have to be transmitted via WDSF API


  • A PDA solution is required !
  • Marks entering mode "single per dance" must be supported.
  • Fix some typos


Calculate and provide checksum of marks and ranks to adjudicator, scrutiny and chairman.

Certification of scrutineering software

From 2013 only WDSF certified software is allowed to use in WDSF events. This page explains the process of certification of scrutineering software products.

The certification also covers PDA based software if it is used in WDSF competitions

Certification process

The certification process is as follows:

  1. As a vendor, download the certification requirements and make sure, your software meets the requirements
  2. Once you are ready for testing, send your software along with a brief installation instruction to Olav Groehn (
  3. For a faster testing, a teamviewer session can be setup between the vendor and Olav
  4. The software will be tested against the certification requirements  as far as this is possible from remote
  5. If a meeting at the vendor's site is required (for example if special PDA hardware is used) a meeting will be scheduled
  6. After successful testing, Olav will give a detailed  testing report to the WDF sport director who will then hand out a "proof of certification"

If you have any further questions on the certification process please get in contact with Olav Groehn who will guide you through the process. Please note that the communication has to be in English or German.


One requirement is to support the WDSF API to transmit results back to WDSF. You can find information on this API here.

Grand Slam Exchange Format

The requirements are mentioning to read back results from the new judging system that is used in grand slam finals. This new judging system might also be used in other championships in the future. You can find a description of the format here


Mr. Olav Groehn


Fon: +49 40 3197478-0
Mobile: +49 178 3483780
Fax: +49 40 3197478-9

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